SABO ROMA at Rome Fair
Don’t get lost, make a focused choice
From 28 to 30 September 2019 at the exhibition centre of the Capital

Along with the exhibitors to plan effective  initiatives

At Sabo Roma relationships with exhibitors are based on  synergy, a feature that characterizes the plan of contents, the  promotions and the training projects to be introduced at the exhibition centre of capital city.
Fivit guarantees to companies services of different kind: such as invitation cards (about 10000) sent to dealers and personalised phone recalling. Not only promotions dedicated to suggested buyers and dealers coming from the regions more interested in Sabo Roma contents, but even a continuous pre, live and post show support.
A fair offers a surplus value if it is based on a  continuous collaboration, over the year, with those who consider it a  strategy for improvement.

SABO ROMA brand, the best communication through the right media.

The path towards Sabo Roma is focused on brand promotion and the advertising campaign. The communication is targeted to 15000 dealers all over Italy even thanks to the renewed partnership with the magazine VOGA and through promotional inserts on professional magazines, radio commercials on top stations, a billboard campaign in the most important Italian cities and through the participation to main national and international  fairs.

An experience of 35 years on market is the sign of substance

Thanks to its 35 years’ experience on market, Fivit team of professionals is considered, at present, one of the most influential interlocutor on the fair panorama, according to exhibitors, retailers and professionals.Initiative, creativity , substance and reliability are some of the qualities that describe the organizers of Sabo Roma 2012 edition.The process of planning a fair is based on a well defined schedule that, after a series of steps and a through analysis of pros and cons, brings to the implementation of targeted actions of promotion,  scheduling and support for main interlocutors. A steady process to increase the substance of the exhibition so that Sabo Roma arrives to the event at top of its potentialities and credentials.