Sabo Roma
the fair of ideas and practical solutions

SABO ROMA is the right choice to avoid getting left behind
Having a fast-moving  mind while the world seems to slow down. Retailers haven’t an alternative option but innovation, change, conscious and focused choices and the refusing of everything that is static. One of these choices is Sabo Roma. Convenient, considerable, not dispersive and concrete. A showcase of proper products for market rather than the endless, inaccessible exhibition of items and brands typical of past exhibitions, no more acceptable at this juncture.

Are there too many costs, few advantages? Probably you are somewhere else, not at SABO ROMA
Sabo Roma is a philosophy, a new concept of trade fair event and an obligatory choice for those who actually intend to represent a support for interlocutors. By this time, it is a matter of fact, many buyers avoid to take part to many dispersive, chaotic and useless exhibitions, due to an unfortunately true equation: there are too many costs, few advantages. The number of dealers remaining out of the fair market is too high. Sabo Roma has planned for them something different: a reliable project, able to comply with the current historical moment, focused on the creation of a solid partnership between exhibitors and retailers that goes over the fair time. Without frills but clear ideas: ideas to sell and for selling.